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From: aoc@blackjack.no (ace of clubs)
Subject: Re: Hubbard's Real College Records
Date: 1998/08/20
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His lies now having toted up to No. <35d9d943.150274250@news.dowco.com>,
our soft-spoken, friend-to-the-end, don't-turn-yer-back-Buddy, our foxhole
friend, sweet-to-a-fault Smilin' Gerry Armstrong sed:

>It turns out that the US Government counter espionage units...

...took those post-op pictures of L. Ron? Now, don't bullshit us, Gerry.
You said that those folks who took them pik-tyoors of L. Ron Hubbard "in
seclusion" were yer "friends," Ger. So, you know damned well they
couldn't'a been guv'mint agents. They wuz FRIENDS of yers, Ger. You sed so!
You know, like you sed L. Ron Hubbard wuz yer friend. Like you say the
people here all yer friends now, luved by yer Godly heart.

So stop pullin' our collective leg, here, Ger-boy, and unburden yer Godly
soul, and TELL us who yer "friends" were who took those pictures of L. Ron
Hubbard "while he was in seclusion." Who were you "selling" those pictures
for, Ger?

And don't go tryin' to give us none of that black-helicopter, CIA,
MK-ULTRA, mind-control guv'mint-psych-program ops bullshit!

>Fletcher Prouty can confirm all this.

Knock it off, Ger! Act more Godly, boy; jest tell us the troooth, the
fox-hole trooooth, and nuthin' BUT the trooooth, Ger-bil Boy.

We all know Prouty has connections to CIA, to Jolly West's brainwashing
research on returning Korean vets in the mid-'50s, to Scientology, to the
Liberty Lobby, and all that horse-pucky, Ger. So the fuck what?

What WE want to know--and who wouldn't--is who YOUR "friends" were who took
those pictures of L. Ron Hubbard in seclusion! Fuck Prouty! He ain't no
goddamned photographer that I know of.

Com'on. You can confide in yer NEW friends. We know you never turn on yer
friends, and that you always tell the trooooth. Right, Ger?

You can tell ol' Ace. Can't you? Who took 'em, Ger?

You've told us SO much about yerself, and yer trials and tribulations, and
yer swing-low-sweet-chariot, halellujah chorus, amen-revival recovery, and
yer per-see-kyooshun at the hands of the eeeeeeevil, hyp-MO-tyzin',
all-powerful ElRon. You tol' us ALL that shit about yerself, Ger.

But you still ain't tol' us who took them pik-tyooors.

Who, Ger? Who?


"Talking much about oneself can also be
a means to conceal oneself."
--Friedrich Nietzsche


ace of clubs




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