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From: aoc@blackjack.no (ace of clubs)
Subject: Re: Ace of Clubs Was: For John and Claire Swazey-
Date: 1998/08/09
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Well, Helll-l-l-l-l-l-ohhh, Gerry!

Didja' wanna' "get in comm" with ol' Ace?

I jes' LUV havin' new pen pals. Especially now, since my good buddy RV
seems to have gone "out of comm." I think he may-a' had an ARC break.

You had some questions you wanted to ax me. Quotin' me, you sed:

>On 6 Aug 1998 06:13:16 +0200, aoc@blackjack.no (ace of clubs)
>>So the proof is in: CST is in charge. Veritas had it right.
>>This is why you occassionaly see ol' Ace gettin' a little
>>bit--well, gruff--toward "EcKzPeRtZ"--like my sweetheart, RVY,
>>and his sissified hand-holder, Gerry Jah-HEEE-zus
>>Armstrong--who sashay around the newsgroup dippin' snuff and
>>sneezing out their "DM is the all-powerful grand fuckin'
>>supreme ruling deity of Scientology" bullshit. DM couldn't pour
>>piss out of a boot if the directions were written on the heel.
>>Fuck 'em. They're either too STOOOOPID to understand plain
>>facts, or they know goddamned well what's going on, and are
>>just lyin' moutherfuckers.
>>Maybe you can guess which side I come down on.

>> ace of clubs

Then you sed:

>I'm the Gerry Armstrong you're calling these things.

Plesed t'make yer acquaintance. Tip o' the hat.

>Who are you?

I'm the fly on yer wall, Geritol. I'm the fuckin' noise in the basement.
I'm the strange light on a faraway hill in the night. But you can call me
Beelzebub. Or you can call me The God of Hell Fire. Or you can call me Al.
But don't YOU fuckin' call me Ace. That's reserved for my friends.

>I really think you lack understanding of the plain facts that
>you do know, and it undermines your credibility.

I disremember expressing the sentiment that I give a flying fuck what you
really think. Fer the record, I don't. Write it down, so's you don't fergit.

>You think CST sits atop the house of cards corporation.

No I don't, twit. I know fucking well it does.

>No one, not me not RVY, disagrees with you.

Well, thank God! Now I'll be able to sleep nights. And BTW, congrats on yer
appointment as RV's spokesperson. He obviously needed one; he ain't sed
shit since he botched the beejeezus out of his assignments and got called
in from the cold.

>You know that Meade Emory and the Lenske Bros are involved.
>Nobody disagrees with you.

Well, tell Mr. Nobody to shove it up his ass, since yer his spokesperson,
too. (That wuz a joke, son. You look too way too fuckin' serious. See?
Right there. That furrow between yer hairy fuckin' eybrows. You look
fuckin' GRIM, Ger.)

Thanks, though, fer finally admittin' to the Lenskes' and Emory's
involvement. (Like you had a fuckin' choice any more.) And since you're
actin' as RV's mouthpiece these days, maybe you'll answer the question he
wouldn't: since you two are the fuckin' ExPeRtZ, why the fuck did you two
spend all yer time in this newsgroup forwardin' the party line, tryin' to
prop DM up? Why didn't YOU tell us about CST's real role? Why didn't RV?
Why did you both spend all that legal paper and court time makin' goddamned
sure that it got into the public record, and into magazines, and into
testimony, that DM was the Main Man? You know, you two, almost all by yer
lonesomes, helped keep CST's actual role completely smokescreened fer damn
near 15 years. That's a FINE record, Ger, ol' boy. How come y'all did that?
Ax him that, and come back and give us a report, lackey. And don't fergit
to remind the lyin' motherfucker that he claims to have BEEN there when CST
wuz set up.

>But you don't know who Emory, Lenske, et al. are beholden to.

You don't know what I know, fuckhead. Tell yer masters this: there's a team
that's been workin' on it 'round the fuckin' clock. Neither YOU nor THEY
know everything we know. Neither YOU nor THEY know how many us there are,
where we are, who's got what, who's handling which arm of research. That's
why they send their stooopid fuckin' bots in here guessin', guessin',
guessin'. Wait! I take that back! DON'T tell 'em. The entertainment value
is jest too fuckin' high.

>You don't know who runs CST.

Well, why don't you jest share with us, then, Gerrycan? <Snort!>

>You know whose names are on certain documents, but you don't
>know what other documents exist, or don't exist, which govern
>the actual control of CST and the other parts of the $cientology

Oh, Gerrymander, it's them documents that DON'T exist that keep me pacin'
the floor nights! <Snort! Guffaw!>

Hey, Ger-bilAss, I KNOW you cain't doooplikate Scientology, but didja' ever
hear of Logic Three? Didja', Ger? Or do ya' have a picture of Immanuael
Kant embroidered on yer underwear and tucked under yer pillow? Lemme' help
you out, here Ger:

"Logic Three: 'Any knowledge which can be sensed, measured,
experienced, by any entity is capable of influencing that
entity.' Too true. Just too true. This is, by the way, an
interesting logic in that it is aimed right straight at a
fellow by the name of--I think it's Kant. I guess it's
some impossible name like that. And with a name like that
you'd sure expect that he wouldn't be able to. And he sure
"Now, that's our friend Kant and that's 'All knowledge that
is worth having will be found to be beyond the bounds of human
experience. So you better quit right here at this barricade,
fellow, because us scholastics have got it all nailed down. We
got our machine guns and barbed wire across here and anything
that's worth having is over here and this is the last outpost
toward it and if you try to pass it we're going to fix your

That's by yer nemesis. Ger--L. Ron Hubbard. That guy yer so fuckin' fixated
on, that guy whose good name and reputation yer obsessed with smearin' till
you draw yer last breath. Of course, I know yer too fuckin' dumb to
understand it, but he has more to say, more that you won't grasp:

"For instance, Kant had himself a safe solution and I imagine
that's what made him batty. He had a good, safe solution. A
lot of things were unknowable. They were so unknowable that
nobody would ever know about them. And this, of course, is
completely nuts. If these unknowable things can never at any
time be sensed, measured or experienced, how the hell did he
know they existed? Well, he didn't. So he made up a fantasy
over there someplace called the unknowable. And this made him
very comfortable."

You comfortable yet, Ger-Man? No. Well, pull up a fuckin' ottoman or a
croquet stake and have a seat. Ol' Ace ain't quite done, yet, and you DON'T
want to miss the rest.

BTW, there's a corollary to that Logic (which, by its very name, is almost
an iron-clad guarantee that YOU ain't got a chance in hell of understanding
it). But here it is, anyway, Ger-bilBrain:

"That knowledge which cannot be sensed, measured, or
experienced by any entity or type of entity cannot influence
that entity or type of entity."

But, Ger, I don't want you fallin' fer any of that ElRon bullshit above.
Believe me, Ger, you and Kant are right: there ARE things that go boomp in
the night. There are things outside yer ken. I know, 'cause I'm one of 'em
Ger. I'm one of 'em. And I don't want you fergittin' THAT fact.

>And you refuse to acknowledge the actuality of the way things

Ger, Ger, Ger. I have a copy of "The Way Things Work" right here on my
bookshelf, dogearred and worn from use. I also know how you work, Ger.

>During Hubbard's years of control of $cientology you could not
>divine his control from knowing names on the organization's many
>corporations' corporate papers. You would have to look at the
>actuality of who was giving orders and who was obeying those

And you are a lyin' motherfucker, jest like yer masters. L. Ron Hubbard
left a record of millions of words detailing his full, unqualified,
complete, irrevocable responsibility for Scientology. Anybody, ANYBODY, can
SENSE, MEASURE, AND EXPERIENCE it, fuckhead. It is a permanent, written or
tape-recorded record. His telexes were a matter of record. His orders were
issued through HCO. He took responsibility for what he ordered, for what he

Then you and RV and your belly-crawling friends came along and wormed your
way into the organizations, created endless lattices of hidden-data-lines,
faked and forged LRH "orders," implemented BTBs, BPLs, set up CMO, WDC, and
yer crowning glory, the RPF (based entirely on Jolly's sleep-deprivation
and work-camp research results, plus reverse auditing), forged FOs and PLs
over the Ol' Man's name, created the SPDs, and started issuing squirrelled
versions of all his original materials--squirrelled JUST enough.

Of course, somebody--"Somebody, you see"--had to wipe out Mary Sue--sending
Quentin as a message, jest so there wuz no misunderstanding--and the GO in
the process, so they could grab the fuckin' copyrights. And they had to, of
course, nullify the Ol' Man. (Don't he look CUTE in those post-leukotomy
pictures, starin' dumbly at the floor, disheveled, drugged, mouth hangin'
open in exactly the classic pose? GOD, these guys are good! Oops! Jest
found this note, Ger: "Armstrong attempted to sell photographs...belonging
to some of his friends, which...included photos of L.R. Hubbard while in
seclusion. Although Defendant Armstrong delivered the photographs to a
Virgil Wilhite for sale, he never received payment or return of his
friend's photographs." Care to say who yer "friends" were, Ger, who TOOK
those photographs? Luv to hear who they were, and why they were lettin' YOU
"sell" the photos fer them. Tha's jest GOT to be a great story. Won't you
TELL us, Ger?)

EVERYBODY did a GOOD fuckin' job, Ger. It jest wasn't quite good enough.

But Ger, take pride. Your part--well, your part has been jest MASTERFUL.
Yer dissemination of disinformation has been better than anything I have
seen outside of the White House or Langley. I admire you fer it. I bow to
yer quiet, unassuming, creeping, martyr-like toxicity. I revel in it. I
praise you fer it. I love the way you boys work. You give syphillis a good

>As a "legal" insurance, of course, Hubbard plus his agents (the
>Guardian's Office) held undated resignations which had been
>signed by every corporation's directors.

Uh-huh. The leprechaun in my back yard showed me one. Sed he got it from
the Loch Ness Monster, and you know SHE never lies. Yer stories match up
purrfektly. That satisfies my unbending rule of three sources, plus seeing
an aKtUaL-bOnAfIdE copy me-own-self. I'd post it here, but a fuckin'
gryphon flew down and snatched it out of me hands, jest as I wuz about to
bring it inside and scan it fer ya'. (Boy, you should have seen that
leprechaun dive under a rock when that gryphon appeared out of the sky!
Close one!) The leprechaun sez he's gon' bring me another copy of it,
though, jest as soon as he visits Wonderland again, and gets one from the
White Knight. It may be a while, though, Gerk-Off--his legs are REAL short.
So don't wait up.

>I have seen no evidence that that is not the case with
>Scientology's corporations in this Miscavige era,
>and I have seen no evidence that that is not the case with CST.

Well, Holleeeeee Shit! Neither have I! Imagine that! Wonder why the fuck
that is? Couldn't be that it doesn't fuckin' EXIST anywhere but in yer
fantasyland, could it? But, hey--who needs fuckin' evidence, Ger? I'm
tellin' you, the White Knight has ALL that shit. Don' worry about it. My
leprechaun friend will pick you up a copy if you really need it.

In the meantime, jest ignore the several reams of hard evidence posted in
this newsgroup and all over the fuckin' net revealing what the fuck is
really going on. Let's jest throw all THAT shit over, and let's go with
YOUR fuckin' theory that the real control is dependent on some mysterious,
invisible shit that nobody has ever seen. It worked for Kant; it works fer
me! I like yer thinkin', Ger! You slay me with yer infinite fuckin'
wizzdumb and logick, boy.

>Remember, the lawyers involved in the setup and "control" of CST
>have "clients" to whom they have a fiduiciary duty.

Well, Ger, I believe yer on to somethin', boy. You may be learnable yet.

>I believe that it takes a conspiracy to keep the CST-RTC-CSI-
>$cientology, et al. syndicate going.

Shhhhh-h-h-h-h! Ger! Boy, don' be using the fuckin' "C" word around here.
What, you tryin' to make somebody think yer a fuckin' NUTCASE, or somethin'?

>DM can't do it alone. Lenske can't do it alone. Starkey can't do
>it alone. Emory can't do it alone.

Oh, now, Geremiad! They pro'ly all HAVE to do it alone. I mean, would YOU
do it with any of them? (You don' have to answer that. Please don't. It was
a rhetorical question.) I mean, Meade must like his special piktyooor books
for SOME reason. <SNORT!>

>You have shown me nothing that indicates anything different and
>I haven't said, no matter what you say, anything different.

You are one Zen motherfucker, Gerboa. I'm gon' write that across the
sanitary-certainty paper toilet-band in every motel room I visit, and leave
it there fer the cleanin' people to find.

>But why don't you ask Jesse Prince who he observed running
>$cientology's operations during his stay near the top?

Well, the very fact of YER embracin' him is the first good reason. If he's
got somethin' more than talk, talk, talk, I'd love ta' see it.

>Why don't you apologize to RVY for your baseless, ridiculous and
>obscene charges?

Well, in the firs' place, it's 'cause I don't retain scum like you to give
me advice.

But which "baseless, ridiculous and obscene charges" would those be, GerkWater?

Do you mean baseless, ridiculous and obscene charges like these:

"CSI and RTC are components of the global Scientology
syndicate. All of the components are under the direction and
control of David Miscavige."
-Gerry Armstrong

"Armstrong discovered the dark side of Scientology's founder."
-Gerry Armstrong

"Miscavige sits alone and highest at the very center of
'the absolute power center,' controlling absolutely..."
-Gerry Armstrong

"Over Hubbard's adult life he used a philosophy of
'opportunistic hatred' and the 'acts which flow therefrom
(lying, cheating, stealing, compromising, entrapping,
obstructing, bullying, blackmailing, destroying) as the
solution to his problems.'"
-Gerry Armstrong

"Miscavige, the present supreme director of all Scientology
components... ."
-Gerry Armstrong

"I knew of Scientology and Hubbard fraud and other abuses...."
-Gerry Armstrong

"Ultimately this became the purpose of the structure set up
under Miscavige: to allow DM to control Scientology and avoid
legal responsibility. That's what the ASI, CSI, RTC, CST, WDC,
CMO, SMI and so forth scamcorps are all for. ...DM ended up in
-Gerry Armstrong

"Hubbard...had continuously lied about Hubbard's past, his
credentials, and his accomplishments."
-Gerry Armstrong

"...Scientology's all-powerful David Miscavige...as Chairman
of RTC's Board of Directors, head of the Sea Organization, and
Scientology supreme leader, is able to control all Scientology
organizations... ."
-Gerry Armstrong

Is that the kind of bald-faced-lyin', seditious, obfuscating, baseless,
ridiculous and obscene charges yer talkin' about, asshole? Or is it more
like these:

"There is no question whatsoever that Miscavige now holds the
...position of absolute power over Scientology, cutting
across all corporate boundaries... ."
-Robert Vaughn Young

"Hubbard believed himself to be hunted by communists,
psychiatrists and government officials. He was openly under
the delusion that psychiatrists and psychologists wanted to
murder him because he had exposed their profession as a scam."
-Robert Vaughn Young

"David Miscavige...is the head of the Scientology empire."
-Robert Vaughn Young

"[Hubbard] wanted plaques and awards, to prove that he was
important... . It became a megalomania but the irony is that
he died completely alone, in hiding, terrified of being
discovered, dead in the back of an RV, on a psychiatric
-Robert Vaughn Young

"Miscavige...runs all of Scientology, regardless of corporate
-Robert Vaughn Young

"Hubbard...had massive crimes and massive withholds and he
fled to avoid being discovered. That was how he ended up
hiding in Creston. ...He was hiding from the IRS and the feds
and the courts and the media and a host of lawyers who wanted
to serve him.
-Robert Vaughn Young

"Since [1981]...Miscavige has had complete control over all
branches of Scientology."
-Robert Vaughn Young

"Hubbard was completely psychotic on the subject of sex."
-Robert Vaughn Young

"[T]his...settles once and for all that DM is in charge - as
if there was any doubt... .DM is at the top and the rest of
the organizations are underneath. What the agreement does is
paint a massive bullseye [on Miscavige] and paints large
arrows saying, 'Here is the alterego!'"
-Robert Vaughn Young

Is that the kind of intentional, demented, low-life, criminal
disinformation and baseless, ridiculous charges yer talkin' about,
PastyBoy? Fuckhead? Scumbag? Liar?

If not, hows about you elucidate jest a little bit fer poor, slow, ol' Ace,
so's I can unnerstand better what yer referrin' to.

>And why don't you tell us who you are...

I already tol', you, dumb shit. Now listen up good this time, 'cause I'm
only gonna' say this once: I am yer confessor, I am the alpha and the
omega; I am the hammer and I am the nail; I am Astraea; I am Moloch; I am
the Lord of the Flies; I am the Adversary; I am the Old Bogey.

I am you.

Y'all come back, now, y'hear?


And oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
Win us with honest trifles, to betray 's
In deepest consequence.

--William Shakespeare


ace of clubs




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