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From: aoc@blackjack.no (ace of clubs)
Subject: Re: DM - Being Basted for the Spit
Date: 1998/01/26
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In message <69t600$9t4$2@s3000-01.magna.com.au>, Zed sed:

>I would _really_ like to know two things:
>1) What does a trustee of CST do?

Here you go, right from "model Bylaws" in Scientology's "Tax Compliance

"Section 1. Purpose. The sole purpose of the Board of
Trustees shall be to elect Directors of the corporation. In
furtherance of this purpose the Trustees may remove a
Director... . In addition, the Trustees shall have
the power to change the number of Trustees, as provided in
Section 2 below.

"Section 2. Number of Trustees. The authorized number of
Trustees shall be three (3) until changed by a bylaw amending
this Section 2 duly adopted by the unanimous vote of the
Trustees; provided however that the Trustees shall not have
the power to reduce the number of Trustees below three
(3) or increase the number above seven (7)."



"There are three major positions defined in the Bylaws of each
church. The first, the Trustees...have the function of
electing the Board of Directors... . The Trustees also
approve any amendments to the Articles of Incorporation....
"The next echelon is the Board of Directors. This is the
group which manages and controls the affairs of the
"The third echelon of corporate personnel consists of the
officers of the corporation. ...The officers are elected by
the Board of Directors. The officers have supervisory
authority over the day-to-day affairs of the corporation and
carry out the direction of the Board of Directors. Their
specific duties are covered in the Bylaws.

So the Trustees of the corporations are da' head dawgs in da' pound. Arf!

'Course, that would make ANYBODY want to know egg-zactly the same thing you
want to know:

>2) Who are the current trustees of CST?

Psst! Now, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. See, I know where
that information is. I do. I swear. Trustees, Directors, Special Directors,
Officers--the fucking WORKS. EVERYTHING you and I and everybody would like
to know about CST, because THOSE are the boys who are running the show,
THOSE are the boys who own all the fucking copyrights now, THOSE are the
boys who have ultimate legal control over the trademarks. There ain't a
fucking THING that can go on an ANY Scientology organization of ANY
description without their express or tacit consent, because they could pull
the fucking plug on ANYBODY who is using the copyrighted materials OR the
trademarks--if they wanted to. So we ALL need to know who they are, and I
KNOW WHERE THE INFORMATION IS. And I'm just about to tell you. Ready?

Peek at this little section of the "Tax Compliance Manual:"

"The Bylaws state the internal rules by which a corporation
is governed. They also state the purposes of the
corporation in detail and the procedures by which the
affairs of the corporation are governed. In addition, they
define the various positions which are held in a corporation
(i.e., trustees, directors and officers) and state
specifically the duties of these positions, the procedures
of electing them and their required qualifications."

Oh, boy, we are ON TO something here. And look at this, also from the "Tax
Compliance Manual:"

"The Bylaws require that annual meetings be held by the
Trustees and Directors. These are normally done on 1 June
for the Trustees and between I June and 30 June for the
Directors. The Trustees meeting is to elect Directors for
the coming year. The Directors meeting elects officers and
takes up any other necessary business."

Can you feel the fucking PULSE? Well, here's more...

"Actions formally taken by the Board of Directors or Board of
Trustees are recorded in written board minutes, which are an
official record of meetings actually held or a consent that
is agreed to and signed by all board members."

Can you FEEL IT! And check THIS out; I mean, this is IT!:

"The board book is a large ring binder which holds the
originals of the minutes and consents in chronological order
along with the originals of the Articles of Incorporation
and Bylaws."

There you go, man! That's where the information is--(1) the Bylaws, and (2)
the minutes of the annual meetings of the Trusteees and Directors. Bylaws
and Minutes. Bylaws and Minutes. Tha's all yo' ass needs. NOW all you got
to know is how to go about getting a look at that stuff!

And there, I'm afraid you might just hit a little fucking snag.

Why? Because of IRS code Five-fucking-Zero-One, C, three.

California law regarding 501(C)(3) CORPORATIONS, ORGANIZED FOR RELIGIOUS

"ARTICLE 6. Location and Inspection of Articles and Bylaws

"9160. Every corporation shall keep at its principal office
in this state the original or a copy of its articles and
bylaws as amended to date, which shall be open to inspection
by the members at all reasonable times during office hours.
If the corporation has no office in this state, it shall upon
the written request of any member furnish to such member a
************* **************
copy of the articles or bylaws as amended to date."

(Pay real close attention to that "members" business, 'cause in a minute,
I'm going to drop a fucking bowling ball on yer foot.)

THAT section, quoted above, is from the codes relating SPECIFICALLY to
corporations have to file THEIR information annually with the Secretary of
State, including the NAMES AND ADDRESSES of their directors and
officers--which makes it a PUBLIC RECORD.

But not 501(C)(3) religious corporations. Uh-uh. For RELIGIOUS
CORPORATIONS, the names of the people running things is privileged
information, available to MEMBERS ONLY.

Okay, you might aks (are you a-aksin'?). What about the MINUTES?

Well, here's some more Cal-ee-for-ni-ay code for you, SPECIFICALLY RELATING


"9512. Except as otherwise provided in the articles or
bylaws, the accounting books and records and minutes of
proceedings of the members and the board and committees of
the board shall be open to inspection upon the written
demand on the corporation of any member at any reasonable
time, for a purpose reasonably related to such person's
interests as a member."

Well, there's that MEMBER shit again.

Now, watch yer foot, 'cause here comes the bowling ball.

(Can we have a drum roll?)

From the Church of Spiritual Technology's ACTUAL, BONA FIDE Articles of


"No Members of the Corporation
"This corporation shall have no members."

(Cymbal CRA-A-A-SH!)


And NOW you know WHY they HAD to get tax exemption!

And NOW you know WHY the Hubbard Association of Scientologists,
International (HASI) was nuked.

And NOW you know WHY the "memberships" were shifted to a foreign
corporation that has no visible connection to the other corporations.

And NOW you know WHY our "ReZiDeNt EcKsPerT" ducks the hard questions about
Meade Emory.

Now you know WHY Mary Sue Hubbard and the G.O. were framed and annihilated.

Now you know WHY there are the Lenskes and the Hellers and the Emorys and
the Yinglings and other non-Scientologist lawyers and crud slithering and
licking around CST.


>Have you considered the possibility that RVY and Gerry Armstrong
>claim that Miscavige is in charge because that's what they
>honestly believe?




As the lean leech, its victim found, is pleased
To fix itself upon a part diseased
Till, its black hide distended with bad blood,
It drops to die of surfeit in the mud,
So the base sycophant with joy descries
His neighbor's weak spot and his mouth applies,
Gorges and prospers like the leech, although,
Unlike that reptile, he will not let go.

--Ambrose Bierce
The Devil's Dictionary


ace of clubs




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