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Scientology’s Black Christmas Propaganda

Just before Christmas 2002, Scientology distributed a black PR flyer in Berlin and other locations in Germany attacking Pastor Thomas Gandow and me. The cultists delivered the flyer, at least in a number of known instances, as an insert in their latest "" Freiheit,"" the German edition of Scientology’s hate magazine ""Freedom." "

The following is a list of false statements of fact in the black PR flyer. It is not a complete list of lies or perversions of the truth in the flyer, but a list of readily disprovable falsehoods and libels for litigation purposes.

1. “American Gerry Armstrong.”

Fact: I am a Canadian.

2. “The fact is that Armstrong left his homeland years ago because he continued to deliberately flout court orders and was facing arrest.”

Fact: A. My homeland is Canada.

B. I left my home in Marin County, California, where I was a legal non- citizen resident, in January 1997. I left because, while being threatened by the Scientology cult, I discovered several pages of black propaganda on me, containing lies, which the cult filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the U.S. to obtain its tax exemption. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/cult/irs/index.html
I knew that Scientology’s leaders considered my public destruction necessary to their tax exemption, which they claimed was worth a billion dollars. I went to my homeland in Canada, where Scientology is a criminally convicted organization and where I believed I would be free to speak the truth about the organization and its black PRing of me.

C. I was not facing arrest. Scientology obtained its first warrant for my arrest, without proper notice, in August 1997, over six months after I left California.

3. “Armstrong is in fact extremely duplicitous, and an outright hustler and lawbreaker.”

Fact: A. I have put up many hundreds of pages of my sworn testimony, and other writings on my website http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/legal/index.html
I have testified in Scientology-related litigations, either in trial or depositions, for more than 70 days.
The Scientology organization, on the other hand, has been judicially declared paranoid and schizophrenic, with a criminal policy of lying, cheating, stealing and destroying people. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/legal/a1/breckenridge-decision.html
In the same decision in which Scientology is condemned as paranoid and schizophrenic, the judge found my “testimony … to be credible, extremely persuasive” and that “In all critical and important matters, [my] testimony was precise, accurate, and rang true.”
B. I am not a hustler, as Scientology obviously uses the word here. I have never obtained money by fraudulent means. I am not a racketeer. I am not a professional gambler.

C. I am not a lawbreaker. I have never been convicted of a crime, or even charged with a crime. Scientology has tried numerous times to have me charged on false criminal charges, but no authorities have filed the false charges Scientology has sought.

4. “And in fact he has more than once engaged himself as a prophet whose visions of the future, however, do not apply in his own country.”

Fact: A. Whatever “visions of the future” I have had apply in Canada as much as they apply in any other country.

B. When referring to myself as a “prophet” I have always used the theological definition: one who speaks for God. I am technically a Prophet to Scientologists (PtS) because I speak for Him in certain communications to Scientologists. Scientology’s leaders twist what I state to falsely assert that I am claiming to have “visions of the future.”

Hubbard was a satanist, and Scientology is anti-God and anti-Christian, teaching that God and Christ are false ideas implanted by space aliens in human beings’ minds by electronic means millions of years ago to enslave them. http://sf.irk.ru/www/ot3/Otiii5.gif , http://www.clambake.org/archive/ronthenut/antichri.htm
It is altogether reasonable that someone would speak for God when such a cruel and satanic attack is being perpetrated on Him and His children enslaved inside the Scientology cult.

5. “For instance he had his picture taken in November 1992 for an American newspaper, the "Marin Independent Journal", sitting in the lotus position and " dressed" with an earth globe.”

Fact: I was “ dressed” in shorts. Scientology has made the false statement that I was photographed “nude” for the Marin Independent Journal article many times over the past 10 years. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/cult/gerry-goes-global.html

6. “Actually, Gerald Armstrong had simply transferred a large part of his fortune to a “ Gerald Armstrong Corporation.””

Fact: I formed The Gerald Armstrong Corporation (TGAC) in 1987. I transferred certain intellectual properties to TGAC at that time. I didn’t envision or create the Organization of United Renunciants until 1992. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/media/our/index.html
I gave away my worldly wealth in 1990. I also gave away at that time my stock and controlling ownership in TGAC. When the Scientology cult threatened me and everyone connected to or associated with me in 1992-93, the people to whom I had given the stock returned it to me, so that they would not become targets of Scientology’s fair game. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/legal/decl-1994-01-13.html
What I did regarding TGAC, therefore, is actually the opposite of what Scientology states I did.

7. “Possibly this was to become indigent for the purpose of escaping future financial obligations for breach of contract, as emerged in a July 23, 1993 legal complaint.”

Fact: Since I did not do what Scientology claims I did; that is, at the time of my “ renunciation” “transferred a large part of [my] fortune to a "Gerald Armstrong Corporation," I could not have done it for any reason Scientology asserts or implies.

8. “He rose to the occasion as statesman to present Iraqi President Saddam Hussein with a 10- point plan.”

Fact: I wrote merely as a concerned citizen, and as a simple philosopher and writer in a serious and good-hearted effort to do what I could to point out the foolishness of war, and that there were other peaceful solutions.
http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/writings/saddam-bill-wgert-and- me.html#saddam
I did not pretend to be or consider myself a statesman, any more than any citizen who makes any suggestion to a national leader or anyone else considers himself a statesman.

9. “Armstrong introduced himself to the Iraqi despot as a “ celebrity,””

Fact: I said exactly the opposite. I stated: “I suppose I would be a more desirable hostage if I was more celebrious, but celebrity is something over which we have almost no control. In fact my only claim to fame may be that I am the least known philosopher in America.” http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/writings/saddam-bill-wgert-and- me.html#saddam

10. “Then Armstrong complained [in my letter of January 10, 1991] that not even The Oakland Tribune, the Los Angeles Time or the San Francisco Examiner had cared to hear anything about his statesman abilities.”

Fact: I never complained that these newspapers did not care to hear about my statesman abilities, never complained that they did not want to hear about anything else from me, and never claimed to possess statesman abilities.

11. “This is the gauge by which the credibility of Armstrong's presentation is to be assessed when he left the Scientology Church in 1981 - that means 20 years ago.”

Fact: What I wrote or did in relation to the 1990-91 Gulf War is unrelated to my credibility regarding Scientology. That the Scientology cult lies about what I wrote or did in relation to the Gulf War, and lies about many other facts in my history that are also unrelated to my credibility regarding Scientology, is, however, a good gauge of the cult’s credibility in its attack on me.

12. “Until 1981, Armstrong was employed as an archivist for the Scientology Church.”

Fact: I was in the Sea Organization, the pseudo-military elite core of Scientology, from 1971 through 1981. I held many positions, including “legal officer, ” “ public relations officer,” “intelligence officer,” “deputy communications aide to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard,” “ Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) bosun,” “RPF master-at-arms,” “ sets chief,” “assistant producer,” “deputy commanding officer of L. Ron Hubbard’s household unit,” and “L. Ron Hubbard’s biography researcher.”
See, e.g., http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/legal/affi-1986-03-19.html

13. “When he, in violation of church directives, misappropriated about 10,000 private church documents, he was expelled from the Scientology Church in 1982.”

Fact: I misappropriated no Scientology documents. I had legal possession of L. Ron Hubbard’s archive of personal documents, with Hubbard’s approval, for the preparation of an approved biography. I had the contractual responsibility, as arranged by Hubbard’s personal lawyer, to make these documents available to a writer Omar Garrison who had been contracted to write the Hubbard biography.

In the course of my study of these materials I documented and proved that Hubbard had lied about virtually every part of his life, including what he had stated to draw me into Scientology and keep working for him in abusive, slave conditions for eleven years. When I attempted to get organization leaders to correct the lies being told by and about Hubbard, one of these leaders threatened me and ordered that I be “ security checked.” (A “sec check” is an abusive, accusatory interrogation, using the cult’s E-mater as a lie detector.) When it became clear to me that neither Hubbard nor other cult leaders would stop telling these lies, I left the organization in December 1981.

After the Scientology cult declared me to be a suppressive person, and subjected me to their criminal fair game policy and practice, I obtained from Mr. Garrison, more than six months after leaving the cult, with his permission, documents I believed necessary to defend my wife and me from Scientology’s attacks. With Garrison’s approval I sent documents to my lawyers to safeguard them and to use them in my legal defense.

In a trial in 1984, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Paul G, Breckenridge, Jr. found that I had legal possession of the documents that Scientology falsely claims I misappropriated, and that I had been legally justified in my actions in obtaining them from Mr. Garrison and sending them to my lawyers. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/legal/a1/breckenridge-decision.html
This decision became the judgment in the case and was affirmed on appeal.

14. “After that it turned out that Armstrong had provably been involved in criminal conspiracy.”

Fact: I have never provably been involved in a criminal conspiracy, nor involved in a criminal conspiracy. Scientology has tried many times to have me prosecuted on its fabricated criminal charges, so far without success.
And Scientology has hundreds of times falsely accused me of criminal acts, as the cult is doing here.

15. “Armstrong ended up revealing his plan to produce counterfeit church directives and smuggle them in, where they would be "discovered" and confiscated by the tax authorities.”

Fact: I revealed no such plan, and I had no such plan. Scientology attempted to entrap me in such a “crime,” but I refused to have anything to do with it.

16. “At a secret meeting, this information of Armstrong's was documented on a video made with police approval, and the transcript was submitted as evidence in court.”

Fact: A. This “ information” of mine never existed, so was never documented on video.

B. A video was made of “secret meetings” which were set up by Scientology, as part of their own secret intelligence operation. The video was covertly and illegally made. It does not show what the Scientology cult claims it shows.

C. The video was not made with police approval. Scientology paid a corrupt police officer of the Los Angeles Police Department an estimated $10,000 to sign a series of fake documents, which were not approvals at all, to illegally wiretap and videotape my lawyer and me. When the Chief of the Los Angeles Police learned of the fake “ authorizations,” he issued a public announcement stating that they were invalid and unauthorized.
The corrupt police officer who was paid by Scientology for the fake “ authorizations” was suspended from the police force.

17. “A settlement was reached with Armstrong on December 6, 1986 to end all legal disputes to obtain the return of the stolen documents.”

Fact: A. The 1986 “settlement” was not to end all legal disputes, but specifically allowed legal disputes to continue.

B. Scientology’s interpretation of the “settlement” was that they could continue to attack me after the “settlement” and I could not respond. Thus, since this interpretation is intolerable and perpetrates a crime, and since Scientology acted on that intolerable, criminal interpretation, the “settlement” created legal disputes, rather than ended them.

C. Since the subject documents were not stolen, and since I had a legal right to them, as stated in a judgment of the Los Angeles Superior, no stolen documents were returned.
This judgment was affirmed on appeal.

18. “In that settlement, Armstrong agreed to not libel the Scientology Church.”

Fact: The “mutual release and settlement agreement” contains no condition mentioning “libel.”
The “mutual release” states that I may not tell the truth about the Scientology, which condition is a legally unenforceable violation of my civil rights.

19. “Armstrong did not keep his word for long, but constantly made up new, even wilder stories about the Scientology Church.”

Fact: A. I have never libeled Scientology, or any Scientology entity.

B. I have never made up new, even wilder stories about the Scientology cult. I have never made up new stories about the Scientology cult. I have never made up wild stories about the Scientology cult. I have related my experiences factually, in large part in sworn testimony.

C. I have webbed a great number of my sworn statements at http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/legal/index.html
Although I invite Scientology and Scientologists to point out any factual errors on my website, none ever have.
I state on the site’s disclaimer page:
“We have made every effort to ensure that documents or data provided here are accurate and complete…. If you find any errors, please communicate them to caroline@gerryarmstrong.org .”

D. I have expressed my opinions, as opinions, based on my experiences and knowledge of Scientology, as accurately as possible.

20. “Finally the Superior Court of the Marin district in California issued a warrant for Armstrong's arrest on May 15, 1998, with possible fine and incarceration for criminal disregard of the court.”

Fact: The bench warrant, which is also webbed on the Scientology cult’s own site, very clearly states “CIVIL,” not “criminal.”

21. “This resulted in Armstrong's moving out of the country to evade punishment and escape the law.”

Fact: I left my home in Marin County California in January 1997, and moved to my homeland in Canada because I discovered at that time a section of vicious black propaganda on me Scientology had filed in its application for tax exemption, and because Scientology continued to attack me pursuant to its criminal and judicially condemned fair game doctrine. This is 15 months before Scientology obtained its May 1998 bench warrant.

22. “Whoever cooperates with this kind of con artist, who has been exposed in an American court as untrustworthy and a rights violator, disqualifies himself.”

Fact: A. I am not a con artist.

B. I have never been exposed in an American court as untrustworthy.

C. I am not a rights violator, and have never been charged as a rights violator.

D. Nobody who cooperates with me disqualifies himself.

Black PR flier


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