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CoW ® Plan

I think of CoW ® being funded by direct appeal to Wogs ®. It is a religious organization involved in purely charitable activities, and for everyone’s benefit, and indeed for the winning of the war which brings CoW ® into existence, must be tax exempt and so appropriately registered.

I offer my WOG ® hat ® for an initial mark. I envision a number of Wog Products ® and Wog Services ® CoW ® can create and disseminate.

As long as money is currency, everyone will be in competition for it. There is a certain sum of charitable donations in the world. From this sum, CoW ® is funded. It will also be funded by products and services as appropriate in the furtherance of CoW’s ® mission.

CoW’s ® actions in waking up Wogs ® fund the Church. Its speech is religious activity. All its activities are religious activities. Wogs ® are a created religious group. CoW ® must be a church to which everyone can be a member.

Each Wog ® who wakes another Wog ® into making a donation to CoW ® receives a percentage of the donation. Monthly donations are to be encouraged. If the waked Wog ® wakes another Wog ® into donating to CoW ®, each of the waked Wogs Upline (WU) ® receives a percentage of the donation. And so forth. There are formulas for these programs.

CoW ® is particularly well suited to such a concept because of its virtually endless target group; i.e., all Wogs ®.

It would not take too many million Wogs ® making donations to be able to get some excellent Wog ® lawyers to take some Wogs’ ® excellent persecution cases. There is a need for Wog Law®.

CoW ® provides an opportunity for charitable donation dollars to observably make a difference. It’s fun, inarguably the whole future of the race for the next endless trillennia depends upon it, and 100 cents out of every dollar goes directly to help Wogs ®.

Waked Wogs ® of course can choose to donate their commissions due directly to the Church, or to some other worthy Wog ®. CoW ® exists to win the War on Wogs (WoW!) ®, and supports any Wog ® who fights in this war as he or she is called.

CoW ® necessarily engages those who monger the war, those who support the war mongers, those upon whom the war mongers war, and those who observe and report about Wogs ® and the war the war mongers monger.

CoW ® is operated by Missionaires. They are on a Mission from CoW ®. Other Wogs ® may be Volunteers. Both Missionaires and Volunteers may wake other Wogs ® into donating to CoW ®, becoming Volunteers or Missionaires, or helping in any way. CoW ® adjudicates the reimbursement of volunteers’ costs. Wogs ® are admitted into or dismissed from the Missionaires by a Board of Wogs (BoW)®.


© 2001 Gerry Armstrong



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